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Rip Curl G Bomb Long Pant 1MM

Performance neoprene wetsuit pants fitted for comfort and protection from rashing.

Phil's Notes: These are actually awesome. The 1mm is just enough to knock off a lot of chill by themselves. Think of those days where the water is in the mid 60s+ and the air is warm - that's the intended use, but there's a LOT more uses in and out of the water. Put these on underneath a spring suit and you've added a lot of warmth, but because the pieces aren't attached, you're keeping flexibility! You can extend your normal spring suit season at least a few more degrees. You can also use them for hot yoga - I'm not kidding. Saw someone in a hot yoga class with the capri cut of these - wow. And not a new use, but let's say you didn't want to shave before a surf - you're covered - litterally.

100% E4 Neoprene
E-Stitch High Stretch Seams

Rip Curl G Bomb Long Pant 1MM WPA5AW


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