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About Us


HBCSurf is an authorized dealer of everything we sell. You get your full manufaturer's warranty, when you shop with HBCSurf. We don't sell seconds or knock-offs - ever!

Everything we sell has the 100% manufacturer's warranty - that's important. Next time you see a warranty at like Amazon, look who the warranty it with. if it's a Nixon watch, it's more likely Asurion, the same people who do most cell phone warranties - every tried to collect on a cell phone warranty? When you have an actual manufacturer's warranty, there's not $150 fee for using their warranty - it's just covered, like you would expect!

And it's the same with O'Neill and Rip Curl wetsuits - pay attention who provieds the warranty! If it's not O'Neill or Rip Curl, if there's a warrnty issue, you may be out of luck. And make sure you know when the suit was manufactured. Some wetsuit model numbers haven't changed in years, but each year they make new suits. Believe me a "new" wetsuit that's been hanging in a giant warehouse for 4 years is not the same as a wetsuit that was made a few months ago. That's why we put the season on our wetsuits - it may be the same model, but it's not the same year. I know I would be upset if I bought a new Camry, only to find out it's technically new and the same model, but is a model that's been sitting on a lot for 4 years.


We aren't a big box or chain store.We're small - really small. There's 5 of us and usually only three working at a time. 2 are in the shop up from and 1 in the back building(me Chris) packing boxes, taking calls, answering emails, updating the website, adding new contents and basically 99% of everything for the online store - design, coding, content, and everything.

We may not technically be local, but we are. Local business return 48% of their sales directly back into the economy, Big box and chain stores return only 14% - that's huge! We are'nt paying investors or getting rich, we're paying for the food for our kids,  gas for the car, school supplies, and all the things that you're paying for too. We have 1 store, in 1 location and that's all. We just happened to be lucky enough to meet each other at a critical time when the internet was getting popular and started an online store. Since then, our online store has been popular because we have great prices, good service, and we actually use what we sell. We know about our products and what we sell. And we'll also give you a call if we think you ordered the wrong wetsuit for your area.

We have items you won't find at other online surf shops or a lot of brick and mortar shops and we're proud of what we have for you. Our items may be limited in numbers, but we carry quality.

Late in the fall of 2001, the idea for Hostel Board Company came into being. Since then, technology has grown and online shopping has grown with it. HBC6/HBCSURF are online shopping carts that have all the newer features you've grown to expect with online shopping.

Everyone at HBCSurf surfs, skates or and ssurfs and skates. We know our products well and are dedicated to the brands we carry: O'Neill, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Vissla, Nixon, Hurley, RVCA, Vans, Billabong, and more.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Yes we do. Our boxes don't come with fancy logos or tape - they're simple and every box, bag, and packing is recycled. We're not saying they're recyclable, we are recycling them. That packing in your box, that's the packing that came in a box we received from the manufacturer. That's why, sometimes your order will arrive in a box from Vans when you ordered a Billabong hoodie. We reuse the boxes, the packing, the bubble wrap, the bags they put clothing in, and everything we can. But we also try to make sure, that anything we use for packing or shipping a box to you is 100% recyclable. Leave it better than we found it right?


Customer service doesn't stop when your package arrives. If you have a warranty issue with any item, let me know. We keep all receipts available to you and are an authorized online retailer for all brands we carry.

For years, we've been helping people get the right items, at good prices and shipped quickly to their homes. We're proud and fortunate to have our customers and we think you'll be happy to become a member of the HBC OnLine community. 

Call us, whenever you have questions. Either myself, Chris or Angelo will be taking your call - there's only 2 of us. Our phones are often busy, because we take the time, with each customer, to ensure you get the service you deserve. Sometimes, that means you might get the answering machine, but if you leave a message, with your phone number, we'll usually call back within 30 minutes or as soon as we can. We are a small shop, less than 5 employees, we can't always get to the phone when you call, but we will get you what you need.

Help us keep prices low and still get high quality gear and leave a message. You'll save money, get what you need and be glad you did! 

Maybe you've heard of us and maybe you haven't, but you'll be glad you did.


I get asked a lot, "how can you have such low prices". We all surf here. We all order things online and we all know, saving money matters. We have a 2800sq/ft store front an 800 sq/ft building in the back for all the wetsuits and overflow. We don't have a whole lot of overhead costs and we like to pass the saving on to you. And the biggest reason, even though we've been around for over 10 years. you wouldn't have evern seen us if it weren't for our prices/

We're a small shop, we're not spending our money on advertising, executives, golden parachutes,  and private jets. While we would like to be millionaires, I think it's more important to live a life you love and have the time to enjoy it whether you're in the water or spending time with family and friends. 

To all of you, from all of us at HBCSurf - Thank you and Happy Shopping! 

Chris Sizemore 

HBC Support Team Leader