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Anetik Womens Flight Tech Hoody

UPF 30+ Sun Protection
Ultra Breathable Cooling Technology
Adjustable Chest Qtr-Zip
Built in Thumbholes on Sleeves
Quick-Stash back zipper pocket
Fitted Hood allowing all day shade
Precise Active FIT = Unmatched Comfort & Function
Moisture wicking - Wear it Wet // Wear it Dry
88% Polyester / 12% Spandex

The ANETIK Womens Tech Hoody was designed by experienced female outdoor athletes using firsthand experience to ensure the perfect balance of breathability and protection from the elements. Ultra breathable PrimoLite mesh throughout the body and hood provides full protection from the sun while allowing you to stay unbelievably cool in the harshest heat. “VINT Cooling Technology” allows constant airflow to cycle in and out through the material, cooling through evaporation and providing all day UPF30+ sun protection.

Anetik Womens Flight Tech Hoodie WSFLTH8

Alloy Heather
Charcoal Heather
Olive Heather
Sky Heather

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