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5135S Mutant W/Hood

Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5MM 5135S

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What Chris Says ...

OK, this is the Mutant we all wanted. Not only is it TechnoButter, it's TB3 and TB3X! The TB3X is the neoprene that's made the HyperFreak famous. The stretch the neoprene, and then add the exterior and interior jersey cover, it gives it almost a corduroy look. And while it's as flexible as the TB3, the amount of force required for it to stretch is a lot less. Now that's not easy to explain, why it's better until you try it. Instead of 3lbs of force stretching the neoprene 50%, it only seems to take 2lbs of force, maybe less even, but it's noticeable for sure!

Oh, and it's a 4/3+ so it has 0.5mm extra neoprene. TechnoButter is a lot warmer than the Ultra Flex from the older Mutants, but add in that extra 0.5mm, and you're getting a LOT warmer suit, that even more flexible and a lot lighter! A size L 4/3+, with both the hood and neck modules weighs 3.9lbs - that's a lot lighter than the Mutants of the past.

All new for 2019/20 - O’Neill’s New Mutant Legend - unique Modular Closure system with new dual cinch on the neck and hood closures seals out water. This makes the Mutant the most versatile wetsuit in our line. The new Mutant Legend is constructed of TechnoButter 3 in the low body, TechnoButter 3X in the arms and shoulders, and TechnoButter Firewall in the chest and back.

All Mutant wetsuits come with both the neck and hood attachments.

Water Temp: 47 - 60
Air Temp and Wind: 
30 - 75
Excellent stretch, flex and water rating. Good Wind and Air. Good durability. Best suited for frigid to cold water and cold to moderate air temps down to the low 40's with light to moderate wind. The O'Neill Mutant is now made with the top of the line and latest neoprene making it the lightest, warmest, and most flexible Mutant wetsuit ever made.

HBC Quick Review: 19/20 O'Neill Mutant 4/3 Model 5135S

Why is the O'Neill Mutant easier to paddle, because zippers don't stretch. When you eliminate that back zipper, you get a whole new direction of stretch in a wetsuit and it's amazing how much easier it is to paddle in a chest zip than a back zip. Another thing that the O'Neill Mutant all but eliminates is the duck-dive flush. Without the zipper flap, you don't have a gap in the neck for water to enter and that means you stay drier and warmer. The one drawback to the O'Neill Mutant wetsuit is getting in and out of the suit. I have a 42" chest and wear a MS wetsuit and getting in and out of the suit, especially the first few times, can be a challenge, but with all the added benefits, it's something I am willing to do. Overall, the O'Neill Mutant is an excellent wetsuit that's going to keep you warm while staying flexible.

There are MAJOR new changes to the 5135S model Mutant Legend. It's all TechnoButter construction, with 3X TechnoButter in the arms and Shoulders, and the TechnoButter Firewall in the Chest and Back. There's still a flap of neoprene over the zipper, on the front and the back, to help keep even more water out! The new TechnoButter Firewall, which really makes a big difference over the DS firewall from the previous modesl. It's lighter, warmer, and a little more flexible.

Colors other than Black are usually only available in M and L sizes.

  • Modular Closure
  • Single Seal Neck and Hood
  • Contortionist Seamless Shoulder
  • LSD: Lumbar Seamless Design
  • External Key Pocket With Loop
  • Plasma Wrist and Ankle Seals
  • Low Body: TechnoButter 3
  • Arms/ Shoulders: TechnoButter 3X
  • Chest/ Back: TechnoButter Firewall
  • Fluid Seam Weld
  • Aqua Alpha Solvent Free Neoprene Lamination

O'Neill Mutant Legend 4/3+ Wetsuit #5135S