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Rip Curl Men's E Bomb 4/3 Chest Zip Fullsuit 16/17

The E-Bomb is Rip Curl's ultimate performance wetsuit - for the surfer who wants incomparable stretch and flexibility. Using the most advanced E4 neoprene, your paddling and surfing movement will feel more natural meaning you can surf for longer.

Since the beginning, Rip Curl has been at the forefront of stretch and performance. E4 is our premium high stretch, lightweight neoprene. It is the lightest, most flexible and warmest neoprene ever; 30% more stretch, 20% lighter and 10% warmer than its predecessor - E3. Meaning you can move more freely and unrestricted than ever before and focus 100% on your surfing.

Mesh back panel
3/4 external aquaban plus
Ultimate stretch
E4 neoprene
Chest Zip
S-Flex Kees
Stitchless Underarms
Stress point taped

Rip Curl Men's E Bomb 4/3 Chest Zip Fullsuit WSM5BE


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