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Rip Curl E Bomb 3/2 Chest Zip Men's Wetsuit

E4 Neoprene - E4 Neoprene - The lightest, most flexible and warmest neoprene ever.
Aquaban Plus Liquid Tape - External seams are sealed with improved Aquaban Plus liquid tape with slimline bead and more stretch allowing unrestricted comfort.
E4+ Tape - Internal seams are taped in critical areas with E4+ Super Stretch Tape, reinforcing high stress areas and allowing unrestricted stretch.
Mesh Skin Back - A heat absorbing thermal panel on the back that provides protection from the wind.
Chest Zip Entry - A front closure system that provides the freedom of a zip free suit with the easy access of a back zip.
Lock Slide Design - A shock cord closure system built into the chest zip suits allows the user to adjust according to their specific needs.
Drainage System - A 3 hole drainage system allows excess water to drain freely.
Contour Legs - Pre-bent leg panels with tough and cushy knee pads.
Key Pocket - External stash pocket with key loop.

Rip Curl E Bomb 3/2 Chest Zip Men's Wetsuit WSM5AE


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