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O'Neill Psycho 1 3/2 Mens Wetsuit #4964

All new TechnoButter 3 the Psycho One just got even better. Absolutely perfect for most of SoCal. Remember, there's no firewall in the Psycho One, so if you get cold easily, this isn't your best choice. But if you're Santa Monica and south, this should be fine for 95% of the time. If you want flexibility and warmth, the Psycho One is THE choice.

The minimal seamed teamrider favorite is designed to flex. Lightweight and loaded with durable features, this suit is the ONE to have for high-performance surfing. Exceeding the rigorous testing standards of the world’s best surfers.

ZEN ZIP - Patented system with free floating zipper panel and anti-flush barrier-2 with drain hole, keeps you warm
and unrestricted. U.S. Patent #5,898,934

TECHNOBUTTER 3 - O'Neill's exclusive, maximum stretch, hydrophobic neoprene with featherlight ENVY foam rubber core. Ultimate warmth and comfort. Built to last.

FLUID SEAM WELD - 8mm silcone-based urethane sealed exterior with a triple-glued and blind stitched interior. Watertight, durable, and ultra flexible seam.

O'Neill Psycho One 3/2 Mens Wetsuit 4964

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