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O'Neill Original FZ 4/3 Mens Fullsuit #5012

Water Temp: 56 - 65
Air Temp and Wind: 35 - 80

Good stretch, flex and water rating. Good Wind and Air. Good durability. Best suited for Cool to cold water and cold to moderate air temps down to the low/mid 30's with moderate wind.

New for 17/18 the O'Riginal replaces the SuperFreak wetsuit, the fully sealed O’Riginal Fullsuit ticks all the right boxes. Classic style paired with modern technology and the best fit in the industry. Ther'es a few upgrades to the Original vs the SuperFreak

1. Soft and durable neoprene seam tape. 0.5mm split-neoprene applied to triple-glued seams to seal out water keeping you dry and loose.

2. The interior thermal lining absorbs body heat in core areas and retains it. The SmoothSkin exterior sheds water and reduces wind chill.

Phil's HBCSurf rundown ... So what does that mean? Well, you'll stay warmer longer that the previos SuperFreak. The warmth will probably be about the same, but after 1.5 to 2 hours in the water, that's when you'll notice what those neoprene taped seams are for. You'll stay warmer longer and the mew firewall is going to help keep you warmer too. It might even be warmer over all compared to the SuperFreak, but I haven't tested it out yet

O'Neill Original FZ 4/3 Mens Fullsuit 5012

Black Grey

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