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O'Neill Psycho Tech 3/2+ FUZE Chest Zip Wetsuit #5336

All new for Winter 2020 - the Pscho Tech 3/2+ FUZE.

What Phil Thinks...

It's a chest zip wetsuit with more than you think. That "+" means 0.5mm extra neoprene where you need it, but here's the thing, you won't feel like you're in a thicker suit, but you'll be warmer.

The biggest change: Firewalls. The TB3Air Firewall is in the chest and back - the golfball looking dimple smoothskin. You've seen it in the Psycho Tech before, but what you haven't seen is the TB Firewall that's in the thighs and all the way down the legs - it's basically a Psycho Freak, but better. While they dropped the Psycho Freak name, the Psycho Tech is not like the old Psycho Tech at all, it's a hybrid of the Psycho Freak and Psycho Tech, but this version is a single Fluid Seam Weld and now, it's also stitchless - that means it would already be warmer, but then the added firewall and 0.5mm of neoprene makes it even warmer!

Then there's "Aqua Alpha" a more environmentally friendly lamination glue, but it's also lighter, a lot lighter - like 600grams per suit lighter! OK, so add 0.5MM of neoprene, add a LOT more firewall, and using a lighter and more environmentally friendly lamination glue, and a size L 3/2+ now weighs 3.0lbs - and yes, I did weigh it myself!

O'Neill's Psycho Tech combines our exclusive TechnoButter 3 and added heat-generating
TechnoButter Air-Firewall. It's offered in a wide range of styles with the hi-tech features you
need to stay warm and toasty in any condition.

  • F.U.Z.E. Closure (Chest Zip)
  • Redzone Water Resistant Zipper
  • Anti-Flush Barrier (Z.E.N. Zip)
  • 360° Barrier With Drainholes (F.U.Z.E.)
  • Super Seal Cuffs
  • Stitch-less Seam Technology
  • Fluid Seam Weld
  • Arms/ Shoulders/ Shins/ Calf: TechnoButter 3
  • Chest / Back: TechnoButter 3 Air-Firewall Smoothskin
  • Thigh/ Butt: TechnoButter 3 Firewall
  • PLUS (+) = 0.5mm Extra thickness for even more warmth
  • Aqua Alpha Solvent Free Neoprene Lamination

O'Neill Psycho Tech 3/2+ FUZE Chest Zip Wetsuit #5336


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